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About Neo Dental International, Inc.

Neo Dental International, Inc. performs worldwide marketing, sales, and distribution of various quality dental products manufactured in Japan by our parent company. Selected products are available through a network of approved dental dealers.

Neo Dental International, Inc. is dedicated to serving both our dealers and dental community with technical support, unmatched customer service and complete product education.

Neo Dental International, Inc. believes its competitive advantages include superior quality control and product design. Products are designed to provide maximum effectiveness while minimizing patient discomfort.


Neo Dental International's Products

Vitapex - Root canal medicament

  Vitapex Click for here more information about Vitapex.

Root canal medicament containing Calcium hydroxide and Iodoform in a premixed paste packaged in an easy to use syringe.

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Dentalis - Medicated root canal sealer

  Dentalis Click here for more information about Dentalis.

Root canal sealer containing Calcium hydroxide and Iodoform.

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FlexPointNeo - Polypropilene Obturating Point

  FlexPointNeo Click here for more information about FlexPointNeo.

Autoclavable Plastic Obturating point.

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Multiflex Syringe - Autoclavable irrigation syringe

  Multiflex Syringe Click here for more information about Multiflex Syringe.

Multiple use Syringe for irrigation.

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Multi Suction - Micro Evacuation Syringe

  Multi Suction Click here for more information about Multi Suction.

Multi Suction is designed for drying root canals faster and easier than with paper points.

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Cavios - Light Cured Cavity Base

  Cavios Click here for more information about Cavios.

Cavios is a light cured lining and base material containing urethane dimethacrylate and alpha-tricalcium phosphate

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Evadyne - Light Cured Temporary Restoration

  Evadyne Click here for more information about Evadyne.

Evadyne is a light cured temporary sealing material containing urethane resin and fluoride releasing ionomer glass.

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Miscellaneous Products

  Miscellaneous Products Click here for more information about Miscellaneous Products.

  • Prestalite - Finger LED light for intraoral sight
  • Memory Box - For storing diciduous teeth

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