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Vitapex Premixed Calcium Hydroxide + Iodoform Paste for Root Canal Treatment

Vitapex Vitapex  is available
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Vitapex - Feature

Vitapex can be used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy.
Vitapex is also ideal for the treatment of infected root canals and for vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.

Vitapex - Indications

  • Intracanal Medicament
  • Apexification
  • Exudation Control
  • Periapical Lesions
  • Root Resorption
  • Temporary Root Filling
  • Perforations
  • Under developed Pulpless Teeth

Vitapex - Benefits

  • Quiets "Hot Abscess"
  • Disinfects Canal
  • Promotes Apexification
  • Treats Traumatic Injuries
  • Radiopaque
  • Quick and Simple Application
  • Antibaterial and Bacteriostatic

Vitapex - Ingredients

Calcium hydroxide
30%Stimulates "blast" cells aiding apexogenesis High pH neutralizes endotoxins produced by anaerobic bacteria
Iodoform40.4%Bacteriostatic Increased radiopacity
Silicone Oil22.4%Lubricant, ensures complete coating of canal walls
Never hardens; solubilized Calcium hydroxide remains active in root canal

Vitapex - Package Contains

Product NameSKUPackage ContainsPackage Photos
VitapexVNN2g of paste per syringe, 20 disposable tips
Vitapex RefillVRN2g of paste per syringe
Vitapex CapVTN40 disposable tips
Vitapex Intro KitVNIN0.5g of paste per syringe, 4 disposable tips
Vitapex Mini SyringeVMS20 Mini Syringe(Barrel and Plunger)

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