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Multi Suction - Micro Evacuation Syringe

Multi Suction Multi Suction is available
through your local dealer.
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Multi Suction is designed for drying root canals faster and easier than with paper points.

Multi Suction reduces the number of paper points used. Disposable tips reduce contamination.

Multi Suction is designed for drying root canals with evacuation system. Use after cleaning and irrigating and before obturation.

Flexible - Flexible adapter. Adapter will fit most saliva ejectors.

Disposable tips are easy to change. Syringe is autoclavable. Syringe and adapter can be sterilized in either chemical or heat autoclaves. ** Do not heat over 284F.

Push saliva ejector into adapter so it does not fold into itself instead of bending back for better suction.


Multi Suction - Flyer


Multi Suction - Package Contains

  • 5 syringes
  • 2 evacuation adapters
  • 20 disposable tips